A Review of Cargo Crime in 2020

Throughout 2020, the speed of change in supply chains caused companies to assess, react, and adapt to new cargo crime challenges at an unprecedented rate

Exacerbated by the pandemic, economic downturns and restrictions, cargo crime greatly impacted how organisations adapt to changing risks and threats. As goods travel through global supply chains, they are vulnerable to many criminally related risk factors, including theft, fraud, diversion, counterfeiting, corruption and insider threat, to name a few.

Ecommerce’s rise created an assortment of additional challenges for supply chains, introducing new and complicated security risks. An increase in the volume of packages travelling has led to numerous and sophisticated opportunities for theft. The stockpiling of goods (due to disrupted supply chains) added a layer of threat to companies transporting goods throughout last year.

In this report, BSI and NMU evaluated cargo threats seen in 2020 and highlight key mitigation techniques organisations can implement to combat these emerging risks.

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