Acturis Cargo E-Trade

Acturis Cargo E-Trade is a fully auto-rated placement route for simple risks

The end-to-end, quote and bind cargo electronic trading solution adds to the growing portfolio of NMU products already available on Acturis platform, demonstrating our desire to embrace innovation by offering our broker partners simple, effective and process efficient ways of doing business with us.

The reality is however that 80% of Cargo risks already on the Acturis platform are on the wrong Product Target of Marine/Air Cargo to enable E-Trade. The process to convert the risk to the correct ‘Cargo’ Product Target with NMU Cargo E-trade is thankfully very simple.

NMU Cargo E-trade key features

    • Simple and easy to use
    • Quote and bind with minutes and available to trade 24/7/365
    • Caters for new business, renewals and MTAs
    • Identification and application of agreed broker specific wordings
    • Identification and application of agreed broker specific commission levels
    • Allows broker flexibility on commission, if required
    • Elimination of accounts queries
    • Provision of full audit trail

How do I successfully submit Cargo E-Trade risks to NMU on the Acturis platform?

New business risk to NMU

Use the ‘Cargo’ Product Target only. Do not use ‘Marine/Air Cargo’ Product Target.

Renewals risks

Scenario A – manually traded but on the wrong Product Target

If the risk is currently manually traded on Acturis using the ‘Marine/Air Cargo’ Product Target, use the Remarket Policy function and change to the ‘Cargo’ Product Target, save and select NMU and E-Trade on the Product Selection, then submit the risk.

Scenario B – Manually traded but already on the correct ‘Cargo’ Product Target

For renewal risks which are manually traded but already on the ‘Cargo’ Product Target, save and use the Remarket Policy function and select NMU and E-Trade, then submit the risk.

Contact us

If you experience any issues using Acturis, please contact our team at or your Development Underwriter.

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