Broker Expo 2018 Round Up

We began November in style at Broker Expo 2018 held once again at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. For us, this year was our biggest Expo yet.

It was great to see so many delegates visit our stand, especially those who had picked up the NMU delegate bags! We thoroughly enjoyed discussing the market and our products with new acquaintances and old friends at our booth. Thanks to all who visited the stand, and those who attended our session in the afternoon on the evolving nature of terrorism incidents.

The evolving threat of terrorism incidents

The session, run by our Terrorism Underwriting Manager Gary Barlow and Executive Director Nick Limb, covered the emerging risks faced by businesses today, the key steps needed to educate clients about the risks to their business together with how they can best minimise financial impact following a terrorism incident or sabotage where no damage has been sustained. Backing up the discussion topics, they also gave examples of real-life incidents and the potential impact to a business.

We caught up with both Nick and Gary after the session to hear their thoughts. Watch each of their videos from the Expo below:

Nick shared his views on the relevance of the government-backed terrorism facility to reflect the evolving nature of incidents seen in the UK and how NMU has been focused on ensuring our product is fit-for-purpose in the current and future climate.

Meanwhile, Gary explored what else he believes could be done as some insurers address the non-damage threat to the extent of denial-of-access and explained how NMU’s product is different.

Find out more about our terrorism product and download our overview flyer here.

Video Links

Full Keynote Session


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