Cargo Claims

Time is of the Essence

The sooner you tell us about a claim, the sooner we can help; so please call us on 0161 236 3380 or e-mail as soon as possible.

We can then give advice about what to do and about the information and documentation that we will need to progress the claim.

 Fast Track Claims

NMU Cargo clients can submit claims of GBP2,500 or less (before application of any deductible) via Fast Track Claims.

If goods are missing, prompt intervention (before the trail goes cold) may lead to their recovery;

Check goods on arrival

Clause carriers’ receipts to note any damage or shortage that is apparent on delivery.

Check that container seal numbers match those on the documentation, and note any discrepancy on the delivery receipt.

Open any such containers immediately, to check their contents.

Retain irregular or defective seals.

Hold third parties liable

Make written claims against responsible third parties such as carriers, shipping lines, airlines or forwarders as soon as possible, within their required time limits (which can be found in the conditions of carriage).

Mitigate the loss

Take steps to mitigate losses, for example by sorting wet or damaged goods from sound.

Report crimes to Police

Report malicious damage, theft or suspected theft to the Police.

Claim forms

A claim form is not required, all that we need are details of the loss or damage and some supporting documents.

To help you, we do have a notification form that you can use to help gather all this together; but don’t delay contacting us while waiting for this to be completed by the policyholder or for anything else.


To keep claims costs down, we don’t normally instruct surveyors where loss or damage is unlikely to exceed GBP2,500.

Entitlement to Claim

In export sales on CIF or CIP terms, it is customary for the insurance to be assigned to the seller by the buyer. If a certificate has been issued to an overseas customer, they can present their claim to the local Lloyd’s Agent.

Whether the buyer or the seller has title to the goods at the time of loss will depend on the terms of sale, which are likely to incorporate the Incoterms Rules. These rules specify when and where risk in the goods passes from the buyer to the seller.

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