CyberSafe Claims

The sooner you tell us about a claim, the sooner we can help;

Cyber Attack, Cyber Extortion or Data Breach

In the event of a Cyber Attack, Cyber Extortion or Data Breach, please contact our breach response provider ReSecure, on 020 3060 6800 (24 hours). Further information regarding ReSecure can be found below.

For all other claims

Please call 0161 236 3380.

As soon as you know about any incident or circumstance that may result in a claim you must also:

  • Exercise all due diligence and do all that is necessary and reasonable to avoid or minimise a Cyber Attack, Cyber Extortion or a Data Breach;
  • Not admit liability, make any payments, assume any obligations or enter into any settlement without our prior written consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.  In respect of Cyber Extortion, where prior consent to payment of a ransom is required where reasonably practicable.

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