Computer Security Day 2020: Your own employees could be your biggest security threat!

It’s extremely important that businesses are conscious of IT security and take steps to protect themselves from threats, but no one can ever be 100% secure

Cyber threats are rapidly evolving and there’s so many ways in which attackers can access networks and SME’s are as prone to an attack as larger companies are and, just as importantly, business sector has little relevance either anymore in a time where cyber criminals are certainly not discriminating between industries.

Despite around 60% of SMEs reporting a cyber attack in 2019, statistics show that only 10% of them actually purchased cyber cover.

What is even more of a concern is that research shows that over 90% of all cyber claims last year stemmed from some type of human error or behaviour, which could have been avoided.

Even the best IT security controls in the world won’t protect against events which don’t involve a third party accessing the network such as social engineering attacks or the actions of a rogue employee.

Both the strongest and weakest link in businesses’ armory can be its own people – so training, education, and awareness are all vital, particularly for key functions and management.

Education – Cyber Essentials

For businesses that are looking to increase their cyber security know-how, we recommend Berea’s Cyber AMI – Cyber Essentials product. This government-backed scheme explains common cyber threats and how to protect against them, and provides organisations with the option to purchase a certification upon completion.

Recognising Cyber Risks

During a recent BSI survey, 8 out of 10 businesses questioned said that cyber security is a high priority for their senior management board. More businesses have also expanded their staff in the last year, with roles relating to information security and governance. This shift indicates a growing acknowledgement of the risks cyber attacks present, although many SMEs are still unaware that cyber security on its own is not enough protection. Unfortunately, all businesses, even those with state-of-the-art cyber security systems, are at risk of a cyber attack; that’s why having proper cover in place that’s fit for purpose is essential.

Police CyberAlarm

Police CyberAlarm is a free tool to help understand and monitor malicious cyber activity. This service is made up of two parts; monitoring and vulnerability scanning.

Police CyberAlarm acts as a “CCTV camera” monitoring the traffic seen by a member’s connection to the internet. It will detect and provide regular reports of suspected malicious activity, enabling organisations to minimise their vulnerabilities. The data collected by the system does not contain any content of the traffic. The system is designed to protect personal data, trade secrets and intellectual property.

Members of Police CyberAlarm will become part of the wider UK cyber defence network, sharing collected data with Police for analysis at local, regional and national levels to identify trends, react to emerging threats and identify, pursue and prosecute cyber criminals.

Police CyberAlarm is already available in several regions in England and Wales and are working hard to make the scheme available to everybody. You can check for updates on availability or to Register your interest here

Get CyberSafe

Whilst the information and education above can help prevent cyber attacks and data breaches, no business can be 100% certain that they won’t be the next target for a cyber criminal.

CyberSafe has been designed specifically to address the threats SMEs face and in the unfortunate event that they are targeted, integrated breach response from ReSecure helps to get businesses get back up and running as quickly as possible.

For more information about CyberSafe Insurance, contact Matt Drinkwater or your local NMU Development Underwriter.

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