CyberSafe platform questions reduced for cyber crime extension

As we strive to continually improve and expand our CyberSafe offering, we are delighted to release our latest update. Further simplifying Cyber Crime placement on our quote and bind e-trade platform, the already succinct question set for the extension has been reduced to just one.

Together with our ability to offer Cyber Crime (including social engineering fraud, telephone hacking and theft of money, goods, property and services), CyberSafe boasts First party cover benefits for Cyber Response, Cyber Restoration, Cyber Expense, Cyber Extortion and Business Interruption. Third party claims protection is provided for Cyber Liability, Network Liability, Media Liability, all as standard and can extend to include Payment Card Industry Liability.

Cyber & Financial Lines Underwriting Manager, Matt Drinkwater said “Our aim is to make the placement of Cyber risks as simple as possible with our online platform. With that in mind we have reduced our current Cyber Crime question set from three questions to just one, whilst maintaining an extensive suite of Cyber Crime coverage.

“We endeavour to educate our clients about the risks of cybercrime, business interruption and data/privacy loss to help them understand how the CyberSafe Insurance solution can protect their business and reputation.”

CyberSafe can be accessed via our broker administered simple step by step quote and bind e-trade platform which includes an immediate premium indication and target premium feedback facility, making the buying process even simpler.

If you’re unsure how to use the system, our demo video below shows you just how quick and easy it is to obtain a premium indication, a quotation and bind cover. As a reminder, you can access NMU CyberSafe here (Don’t forget to use Google Chrome). Passwords are valid for 90 days from your last successful login.

For more information about CyberSafe Insurance, for access to our cyber e-trade solution or to request a password reset, contact our Cyber team.

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