The Changing Face of Terrorism

Are your clients adequately protected?

Executive Director, Duncan McClean, shares his views on non-damage terrorism insurance and looks forward to the annual BIBA conference and exhibition next week.

Terrorism – a horrific and common place feature of the modern day world we inhabit.

Having been made in Northern Ireland myself, and by parents from either side of ‘the divide’, I’ve seen more than most readers here, the devastating effects that Terrorism can deliver in terms of damage to people, lives and property.

We all hoped the Good Friday Agreement, which celebrates its 20th birthday this year, would see the eradication of Terrorist organisations and activity, certainly here in the UK.
Sadly, the reality is the polar opposite. Yes, the Agreement has been an undoubted success story, resulting in two decades of “relative” peace in Northern Ireland and the cessation of IRA bomb attacks across the UK, but as we all know, the last decade has seen the emergence of Islamic extremist related Terrorism, reaping death and destruction globally on an unprecedented scale.

We’ve seen and continue to see, high levels of property damage, causing devastating losses to the businesses affected. With the UK Terrorism threat level at what seems a constant ‘severe’ – protection by way of specific, tailor made terrorism insurance is essential for modern day businesses.

More recent years however, have also seen a significant change in the nature and modus operandi of attacks.
As shockingly evidenced by the awful events at London Bridge, Borough Market and Manchester Arena, with the use of handheld weapons, explosive devices and motor vehicles, contemporary terrorists are just as content to direct their evil acts towards causing human casualties as they are about causing property damage. Their focus has been directed against civilian targets such as public or crowded places, shopping areas, entertainment venues, hotels, bars and restaurants etc.

Whilst economic damage is not the prime objective, it is most certainly a hugely significant consequence of what they do – so much so that businesses can and indeed have suffered financial ruin…

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