Fast Track Claims Form (Cargo)

NMU Cargo policyholders can submit claims of GBP2,500 or less (before application of any deductible) via Fast Track Claims.

    Your Details - To be completed by the Policyholder

    1.1 Policyholder's name

    1.2 Policy number

    1.3 My name

    1.4 My position

    1.5 My telephone number

    1.6 My email address

    Data Protection

    Our Commitment

    Under our Fast Track Claims Arrangement for cargo claims of GBP 2,500 or less (before application of any deductible), if this form is completed in full and the claim is deemed recoverable under the terms and conditions of the policy, we will settle it and transfer funds within 5 working days of its receipt by us.

    Conditions of Use

    You agree to abide by the following conditions of use of the Fast Track Claims Arrangement:

    a) Good Faith
    You have a responsibility to provide correct information. You need to reveal to insurers any information that might influence their decision in relation to any claim, both before and after any settlement is made.

    b) Accuracy of Information
    You must ensure that all information and documentation provided to us is complete and accurate.

    c) Mitigation Measures
    You, the policyholder, must act as if you were not insured and take reasonable steps to avoid or minimise any loss, damage or expense. This is a continuing duty.

    d) Assistance and Co-operation
    You must provide to us all necessary assistance and co-operation in handling any claim, including to our nominated recovery agent in the event that we decide to pursue a recovery from a third party in respect of any claim settled with you.

    e) Protecting the Loss Record
    Following settlement, any third party identified as being responsible for the loss or damage will be pursued under subrogation, to protect your loss ratio; in which case, all the relevant documentation necessary to support the recovery action will then be requested directly from you by our nominated recovery agent. You agree to co-operate promptly, fully and accurately with all such requests.

    f) Audit
    We reserve the right to request documentation at any time to i) verify claims which you have submitted to us for consideration under the Fast Track Claims Arrangement and/or ii) audit historical claims which we have settled with you under the Fast Track Claims Arrangement (up to a maximum period of six years). You agree to co-operate fully, promptly and accurately with all such requests

    Our Rights

    You acknowledge and agree that the Fast Track Claims Arrangement is provided by us at our discretion. You further acknowledge and agree that we are entitled, at our sole discretion, to determine whether or not a claim falls within the Fast Track Claims Arrangement, and/or to withdraw the Fast Track Claims Arrangement at any time; and that claims which we deem are not capable of consideration under the Fast Track Claims Agreement will be subject to our standard handling processes.

    In the event that you fail to comply with the provisions of (a) to (f) above, you acknowledge and agree that insurers may exercise their legal rights in respect of your claim. These may include (without limitation), rejecting the claim; delaying or withholding payment; requiring you to reimburse any sums paid in respect of any current or historical claim which is affected by your non-compliance; and/or claiming damages.

    Claims dealt with under the Fast Track Claims Arrangement remain subject to the full Policy Terms.


    I confirm that I have read and agree to the above conditions of use and that I am authorised to submit this claim on behalf of the policyholder.

    The Shipment

    I confirm that I have read and agree to the above conditions of use and that I am authorised to submit this claim on behalf of the policyholder.

    2.1 Description of goods
    (please describe the goods in terms of what they are and how they were packaged, for example: 400 cartons of tinned tomatoes shrink wrapped on 22 pallets in one 20-foot full container load)

    2.2 Invoice currency

    2.2.1 Invoice value of consignment

    2.3 Weight of entire load(kg)

    2.4 Shipped from

    2.5 Departure date

    2.6 Shipped to

    Shipped to date

    2.7 Are you


    2.8 What were the terms of purchase/sale(tick one option: specify the Incoterms rule used or give an explanation if the goods were not being sold or bought)


    e.g Goods returned for repair

    2.9 What methods of carriage were used

    Own vehicleRoadRailAirSeaOther

    2.10 What carriage documentation was issued:

    Haulier’s consignment noteCMR consignment noteOther consignment noteAirline air waybillForwarder’s house air waybillShipping line bill of ladingForwarder’s house bill of ladingFIATA combined transport bill of ladingOther

    Loss or damage

    3.1 Date of loss or damage:

    3.2 Claim amount

    3.3 Calculation of claim amount
    (please show how the amount claimed has been arrived at)

    3.4 Gross Weight of goods lost or damaged (kg)
    (this information will be used to calculate the liability of the carrier, warehouse keeper or any other party who was responsible for the loss or damage)

    3.5 Brief description of the loss or damage
    (including opinion on likely cause)

    3.6 Was the loss or damage noted on any delivery or interchange receipt?

    YesNoNot applicable

    3.7 Contact details (including name and address) for all those whom you have held responsible
    (the carrier or any other party believed to be responsible for the loss or damage should be held liable in writing as soon as possible; this is particularly important if the loss or damage was not noted on a carrier’s delivery receipt;
    for help visit


    4.1 Bank name

    4.2 Bank sort code

    4.3 Account name

    4.4 Account number

    *All fields are mandatory


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