Important Information – Corona Virus Update

With the escalating concern around the COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with World Health Organization and UK Government guidance, we have taken the decision, effective immediately, to instruct all NMU staff to work remotely until further notice.

Our capabilities for remote working have been tested and we are confident in our ability to continue trading with our broker partners on a “business as usual” basis, with minimal disruption. That said, we’re mindful of the potential for unanticipated delays during this time and would very much appreciate your understanding in the circumstances, should this arise.

You can continue to liaise with your local NMU contacts in the usual manner and we can confirm that landline numbers have been diverted to mobiles for a seamless service.
If you are unable to contact an underwriter however, please contact your local Development Underwriter or Development Manager below:









In circumstances where it is not possible to effect renewal of a policy prior to the renewal or expiry date as a result of Incapacity, NMU (Specialty) Ltd agree to automatically extend the current period for 30 days from the date of expiry.

Incapacity means the relevant personnel of the Insured, Assured or Policyholder (as applicable), their Insurance Broker or Advisor or NMU (Specialty) Ltd have been unable to conclude a renewal or extension of the Policy for reasons related to the World Health Organisation declared pandemic COVID-19 which include, but are not limited to the following:

The relevant personnel:

1)  are infected, suspected to be infected, are in self–isolation or quarantine;

2)  are subject to working practices or restrictions recommended by their employer, the UK government/government body, a regulatory body or the equivalents in another jurisdiction which limit their ability to operate, function and/or communicate;

3)  are subject to travel/transport restrictions recommended by their employer, the UK government/government body, a regulatory body or the equivalents in another jurisdiction.


For ease of reference, our claims contacts are below:

  • For Cargo & Stock-Throughput, Engineering, Terrorism, Marine Equipment, Freight Liability or Motorsport claims, contact us as soon as possible on 0161 236 3380 or e-mail
  • For CyberSafe claims, in the event of a Cyber Attack, Cyber Extortion or Data Breach, please contact our breach response provider ReSecure, on 020 3060 6800 (24 hours). For all other cyber claims, please call 0161 236 3380 or e-mail

For escalation, national and line of business manager contacts can be found here.

Kind regards,

David Perfect

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