NMU enhances underwriting service with dedicated new business team

Building on its established and award-winning service, NMU have created a team of Trading Underwriters to meet the ever increasing demand for new Cargo and Freight Liability enquiries.

The Trading Underwriters, consisting of James Wilson, Angie Harrison, Tommy Glading and Chris Vernon, have all been with NMU for a number of years and each brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

The creation of this team gives a central focal point for new business and will support brokers from across the UK with their Cargo & Freight Liability enquiries.

Enhancing service levels

Commenting on the service enhancement, Sales & Development Manager, Nick Green said “We’re still very conscious of the difficult market conditions and the importance of being available for our brokers in a remote-working environment, we see this as an additional way of enhancing what is already recognised as a “best-in-class” service.

“It’s important to stress that, whilst the Trading Underwriter Team is primarily there to be the focal point of new business enquiries for Cargo & Freight Liabilities, we also value the relationships that our brokers have with the current Underwriting Team, who will continue to deal with new business enquiries, as required.

“This is really about providing brokers with the continued high level of service they are used to from NMU, whilst giving them options for new enquiries”

The new Trading Underwriters can be contacted, as follows:

James WilsonTrading Underwriter – 07985 927168
Angie HarrisonTrading Underwriter – 07971 961 755 
Tommy GladingTrading Underwriter – 07968 932 988 
Chris VernonTrading Underwriter – 0161 238 5819

For more information on Cargo and Freight Liability Insurance, contact your local NMU Development Underwriter.

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