NMU launch online cyber offering at BIBA

NMU successfully launched their stand-alone Cyber offering, CyberSafe, at the Annual BIBA Conference and Exhibition on 15th May. CyberSafe offers UK SMEs with a simple, robust solution for cyber liabilities, cyber crime and restorative support, on their full cycle quote and bind e-trade solution.

First party cover comprises Cyber Response, Cyber Restoration, Cyber Expense, Cyber Extortion and Business Interruption. Cyber Crime, including social engineering fraud, telephone hacking and theft of money, goods, property and services can additionally be included. Third party claims protection is provided for Cyber Liability, Network Liability, Media Liability as standard and can extend to include Payment Card Industry Liability.

Cover also includes a 24/7 integrated service from ReSecure, bringing together all the skills necessary for an effective breach response.

Cyber and Financial Lines Underwriting Manager, Matthew Drinkwater, commented “Despite several high-profile ransomware attacks, many SMEs are still not adequately protecting their businesses. We believe that this is due to the complexity of the risks and the levels of confusing, outdated and often contradictory information that has been published on the topic.

“To counter this, CyberSafe has been designed for brokers to simplify the buying process. Our aim is to educate brokers and their clients about the risks of cyber crime, business interruption and data/privacy loss, and to help them understand how the CyberSafe Insurance solution protects their business and reputation.

“We were delighted to have the product ready to launch at the annual BIBA conference and we’re very happy to see that both CyberSafe and our e-trade platform were very well received.”

For more information about our CyberSafe Insurance, contact your local NMU branch or our Cyber & Financial Lines Underwriting Manager, Matt Drinkwater.


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