NMU Partners with BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions, the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, auditing services, audit compliance and risk management software solutions, and advisory services.

Through the partnership, our broker partners will benefit from hearing about new supply chain trends and insights delivered via NMU/BSI’s joint newsletter publication and webinars, which will help to build awareness around risks in the supply chain. NMU clients will also have access to ‘Supply Chain Risk Reviews’.

With BSI’s vast experience in supply chain security and risk management and our understanding of the cargo and freight liability insurance industry, this partnership will provide NMU’s clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to take a proactive approach to becoming more resilient in their supply chain operations as well as helping to reduce losses and claims.

“To partner with BSI, a company with the same values as our own, will provide our clients and brokers with an enhanced level of risk management service that is unique to the market.”

According to BSI’s intelligence, cargo crime accounted for over GBP 50 million worth of goods stolen last year in the UK alone. Understanding the risks, where they exist, and how likely they are to occur is therefore vital for organisations to help reduce the delays, financial loss, costs and dangers that can result from such cargo crime threat. NMU and BSI will work in partnership to improve the management of supply chain risk and to help counter the increasing threat of cargo crime for businesses.

Ian Allman, Risk Control Manager at NMU explains:-

“We’re delighted to partner with BSI’s Supply Chain Services, which will enable us to provide our clients and brokers with an enhanced risk management service.

“The continued increase in cargo crime within the supply chain is well documented, with reported figures suggesting circa £50 million of goods are stolen each year in the UK alone. Whether the proceeds are being used to fund organised crime or terrorism, it is a major concern for all, therefore having access to this insight for our brokers and clients is invaluable.

“To partner with BSI, a company with the same values as our own, will provide our clients and brokers with an enhanced level of risk management service that is unique to the market.”

Courtney Foster, Supply Chain Solutions Manager at BSI said:

“Supply chain security mitigation is not always about implementing physical security measures. Instead, this partnership is focused on the development of long-term resilience for NMU’s insured clients by creating robust procedures and risk assessment methodologies for the client’s supply chain security programme.

“Having worked alongside some of NMU’s clients, we’ve been able to demonstrate how the development of the right processes and procedures for supply chain security helps prepare them to proactively mitigate current and future threats of cargo crime in the UK and abroad.”

We shall be co-hosting a webinar with BSI to explain this partnership and its benefits to their brokers in more detail on 2nd October 2018. To register your interest in attending, visit https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7236539525690735363.

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