NMU reshapes to deliver a fit for future model

Recognising changing industry dynamics, and with their focus firmly on the future, multi award-winning specialty insurer NMU have today announced they are to re-organise their business structure.

As evidenced, not least, by their firm establishment in the Engineering, Terrorism and Marine Trade markets, NMU’s strategy in recent years has been, by way of diversification, to show they are far more than a cargo insurer.

Whilst maintaining core traditional values and preserving a strong reputation for exceptional service and expertise, NMU future plans involve further growth and divergence by way of additional niche product lines, coupled with adoption of an IT digitisation strategy – the mantra being to introduce technology designed to support people, not replace people.

Implementation of this plan will involve NMU reshaping their business from a branch driven entity into a structure led by the specialist line of business, delivering a better environment to support their growth ambitions and utilise current resources in a more expert, cohesive and efficient manner.

The plan is to maintain existing staff within the new structure wherever possible, however roles may change.

David Perfect, CEO commented, “Change management with any organisation presents its challenges but with the insurance landscape transitioning so rapidly, we are fully aware that what has made NMU a success in the past, also has to transition to a modern day digital era to maintain that success and meet our growth ambitions for the future.

“We have hugely experienced and knowledgeable staff across a comprehensive network of offices that take great pride in the service levels they deliver and who we are confident will embrace this necessary change, continuing to encompass the culture and values that make NMU such a success.

“Recognising the crucial importance to our brokers of local service and relationships, we are fully committed to maintaining our existing UK wide office structure.

“Always striving to innovate and improve our working practices will enable us to continue to deliver an award winning service by empowered and accessible underwriters, thus ensuring as a business, we are fully fit for the future.”

For any immediate queries, please contact NMU’s Marketing Manager, Andy Baldwin directly on 0121 236 6550.

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