Stock Throughput Insurance

Once goods are assembled or arrive, they either go direct to the end customer or into a storage warehouse before onward distribution. If they are going into storage, a stock throughput insurance policy could be the perfect solution.

For a business involved in import, storage and distribution or which has a continuous flow of goods, a stock throughput insurance policy can offer:

  • Insurance coverage for inbound transits to the storage premises, whilst there, and subsequent delivery to the final customer.
  • Coverage at own or third party storage premises.
  • Cover for multiple transits between premises and to or from customers can be included.
  • Cover for the goods on site or at customer’s premises. NMU may be able to provide cover for stock at retail locations.


Stock throughput benefits

  • A single policy provided by NMU ensures that a loss does not fall between different policies and removes the potential for differing insurers to dispute where a loss occurred.
  • Continuity of cargo all risks cover.
  • Cost benefits, by having a single rather than multiple policies.
  • Simple administration saving time.

The NMU Complete cargo solution, also gives policyholders access to:

NMU Certs

Where exporters need certificates of insurance to comply with Incoterms requirements, particularly where ‘Letters of Credit’ are involved, our online NMU Certs system gives them the ability to produce electronic certificates in-house…Read more

 Fast Track Claims

We recognise the importance of enabling our policyholders to resume their operations and manage day-to-day business as quickly as possible after a loss. To speed up the claims process, Fast Track allows small losses to be submitted via a simple web form.

Losses submitted via NMU Fast Track Claims:

  • don’t normally require formal supportive documentation,
  • are handled by a dedicated in-house team of experts to process settlement, and
  • paid directly via BACS within 72 working hours, if the criteria are met

NMU Cargo policyholders can submit claims of GBP2,500 or less (before application of any deductible) via Fast Track Claims.

Supply chain analysis

Our collaboration with BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions enables brokers to further support NMU policyholders and, through leveraging the consultative partnership, to better understand clients’ supply chain risks to address potential areas of vulnerability…Read more

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For more information on Cargo Insurance or stock throughput, contact your NMU Development Underwriter.

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