CyberSafe e-trade platform

Our platform is broker administered and offers a simple step by step quote and bind cyber e-trade solution, which includes a premium indication and target premium feedback facility and immediate issuance of full contract certain quotations and policy documentation.

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Cyber e-trade platform troubleshooting

In the unlikely event that you should experience an error message using the NMU CyberSafe e-trade platform, please see below four of the most common issues that arise along with how to rectify them to assist before getting in touch with us:

Issues experienced logging into the platform

Are you using your corporate work email when trying to access the platform?
The solution: Use the ‘’ username contained within your  original system access email to log in.

Are you using the wrong URL for logging in?
The solution: Use this URL in Google Chorme: – (right click then select ‘open hyperlink’ or copy/paste into Google Chrome).

Are you using a shared virtual computer?
The solution: Close Google Chrome and load URL & login again, but avoid using shared virtual computers where possible.

Issues experienced connecting to the platform

Potential problems to explore include:

  • Internet Service Provider related problems
  • Using a (corporate) VPN that blocks certain settings that are needed.
  • Not using a VPN and the corporate security policy is not allowing for certain settings that are needed for the platform without a VPN connection.
  • Having firewall (hard- and/or software firewalls) related settings that stop access.
  • Being a “guest” user in Wi-Fi networks.
  • Not using an up-to-date version of Google Chrome Browser.
  • Unstable / lost Wi-Fi or LAN connection

Issues experienced whilst logged into the platform

Are you getting automatic timeout due to security reasons (most probable reason)?
The solution: Close Realytix down and log in again.

If the error repeats itself: Please take a screenshot of the error and send it to, so we can investigate.

Please be advised that weekly updates of a Tuesday morning result in a downtime of up to 30 minutes, if you’re logged in during this time then you will receive a ‘Server Error’ message.

Forgotten password

In the event that you have forgotten your password, please email and a member of the team will issue a password reset. You will then receive an automated email with updated login credentials, along with a link back to the platform.

Can’t resolve your issue?

Should you find that none of these suggestions resolves the problem, please contact a member of the Cyber team below who will be more than happy to assist;

John Kellett, Underwriter – 07568 432512
Cliff White, Underwriter – 07971 923108
Matt Drinkwater, Cyber & Financial Lines Underwriting Manager – 07748 676262

CyberSafe testimonials

“I’ve never had such an easy transaction with any Insurer on any class of insurance than I have just had transacting cyber business with you today”.

“We use you because you’re so easy to deal with. The cover and price are good but the ease of dealing is the main factor”.

“Thanks for all your assistance, great product and platform!


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