Risk Control

We know that our success is dependent on the success of our clients. As a commitment to this, we operate an in-house risk control service that is the envy of our competitors.

Our risk control philosophy is unique in its approach and delivery of service. Where risk control issues are identified during surveys, our surveyors add real value and support business relationships by listening to and taking account of policyholders’ concerns. Drawing on past experience, we offer practical, common-sense advice and solutions to support our range of products as well as offering general risk management guidance on a world wide basis.

Whilst traditional underwriting surveys of storage premises are the core activity of our risk control team, a variety of other services are available and include:

  • Risk control training, presentations and seminars
  • Supply chain risk analysis from supplier to customer
  • Supply chain contingency planning
  • Overland route risk assessments
  • Driver security awareness training
  • Vehicle anti-hijack procedures
  • Warehouse fire and security measures
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Advice on yard security
  • Building security into service contracts
  • Advice on the use and selection of driver agencies
  • Bespoke packaging surveys
  • Loading and/or unloading surveys
  • Identification and selection of third party warehousing
  • Incorporation of terms and conditions into contracts
  • Identifying trends and root causes of losses
  • Advice on plant and site security
  • Advice on data security
  • Advice on contingency planning
  • Accumulative risk analysis
  • Advice on health and safety management
  • Advice on countermeasures against further losses

For more information on related topics, contact our risk control team or your local NMU office, here.


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