BSI Partnership

Our collaboration with BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions enables NMU’s brokers to further support their clients and, through leveraging the consultative partnership, to better understand clients supply chain risks to address potential areas of vulnerability.

With BSI’s vast experience in supply chain security and risk management and our understanding of the cargo and freight liability insurance industry, this partnership will provide clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to take a proactive approach to becoming more resilient in their supply chain operations, as well as helping to reduce losses and claims.

Prevention is better than cure

According to BSI’s intelligence, cargo crime accounted for over GBP 50 million worth of goods stolen during 2017 in the UK alone. Understanding the risks, where they exist, and how likely they are to occur is therefore vital for organisations to help reduce the delays, financial loss, costs and dangers that can result from such cargo crime threat. We shall work in partnership with BSI to improve the management of supply chain risk and to help counter the increasing threat of cargo crime for businesses.

As well as supply chain analysis and trends updates via email, NMU brokers can take advantage of regular webinars that aim to provide trends and stats into cargo crime hotspots assisting with the advice given to clients on their supply chain operations when talking about cargo exposures.

Reports, News and Webinars

Historic quarterly BSI reports and related literature can be downloaded below, but you can sign up to receive our risk control news first, together with opportunities to attend webinar sessions here. You can also view historic webinars here – if you have forgotten the password, click here to re-register.

BSI UK Cargo Theft Reports

BSI Cargo Annual Theft Reports

Annual Report 2017

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