Directors Blog | Terrorism Motor Fleet – Time to think differently

Executive Director, Duncan McClean, explains why our new Terrorism Motor Fleet product is different to anything else currently available in the market, in his latest blog.

Ok I’ll confess. As a man of a certain generation, it took a fair bit of persuasion for me to agree to enter the “blog” world, but even I, Mr Dinosaur himself, was amazed at the response and engagement with my first.

The down side though was that, given its subject matter, ‘The changing face of Terrorism’ it is something that in an ideal world wouldn’t even need to be considered, never mind written about.

Sadly however, as we all know, reality dictates otherwise with the devastating damage that terrorism all too regularly delivers to people, lives and property on a global basis.

With the UK terrorism threat remaining at “severe”, it’s evident that the struggle to eradicate this worldwide scourge is proving extremely difficult, nigh impossible.

Whilst as an industry, we cannot of course directly assist with this task, what we are in a position to do, is to provide businesses with economic protection, by way of specific, tailor made insurance coverage, against the potentially significant financial consequences.

Complementing our existing standalone terrorism product for property exposures, we have continued to innovate further with the launch of our new Terrorism Motor Fleet solution, meeting the unique and thus far unsatisfied (by the insurance market) requirements of fleet operators.

Whilst some fleet insurers can provide a degree of cover, others will either exclude it completely, exclude it subject to write back or inner limits and some just aren’t even sure.

To read Duncan’s full blog, click here


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