The complete cargo solution, now delivering via Acturis E-trade

Delivering on our commitment to further expand our digital trading capabilities, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Cargo E-trade solution for brokers on the Acturis platform.

This end-to-end, quote and bind cargo E-trade solution adds to the growing portfolio of NMU products already available on Acturis platform, demonstrating our desire to embrace innovation by offering our broker partners simple, effective and process efficient ways of doing business with us.

By using the E-trade solution, brokers can now quote and bind cargo business in minutes with NMU, on a system that is available twenty four hours of the day, seven days a week. Brokers can also be confident that policyholders will continue to benefit from the complete cargo solution, delivered by NMU last year, a package that combines one of the most comprehensive cargo wordings in the UK market, together with Fast Track Claims and Supply Chain Analysis.

Commenting on the cargo E-trade launch, NMU Executive Director, Duncan McClean said  “Recognising that Acturis is such a key tool for a significant number of our brokers, we are continually looking at ways to enhance our proposition with Acturis solutions.

“With cargo being such extremely diverse and specialist line of business, a one size approach can never fit all. But with provision of E-trade for smaller and straightforward risks, complemented by U-trade for the trading of larger and more complicated risks, where personal underwriting experience and expertise are essential, we are supporting our brokers with process efficient trading for all cargo risks within the Acturis platform.

“Combining E-Trade and U-Trade solutions can serve the whole spectrum of cargo space and at the same time keeping true to our philosophy of technology in support of people.”

Contact us

For more information about Acturis Cargo E-Trade, visit our dedicated page here.

NMU Cargo E-trade should have been activated automatically and be available for your immediate use, but please contact if you need assistance.

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