Online Facilities
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Online Facilities

To complement our award-winning service, we use online facilities to assist policyholders and brokers alike

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    We offer a range of products that can be transacted electronically – using technology in support of people and increasing business process efficiencies with electronic trading solutions

    E-Trade is a fully auto-rated placement route for new and renewal business, offering an end-to-end solution for simple risks.

    E-Trade is currently available for the following products:

    For more information on our e-trade solutions, contact your local development underwriter.

    U-Trade sits between the manual and auto-rated routes to market. It offers all the benefits of bespoke underwriting and the convenience of the quote/bind process sitting wholly within Acturis.

    Our U-Trade delivers full-cycle e-trading without the potential pitfalls of auto-rating – for new business, MTAs and renewals. Furthermore, it offers total flexibility. No matter how big or small, simple or complex the risk, our U-Trade can cope.

    U-Trade is currently available for the following products:

    For more information on our u-trade solutions, contact your local development underwriter.

    Simplifying small cargo losses and paying claims within 5 working days using Fast Track Claims

    We recognise the importance of enabling our policyholders to resume their operations and manage day-to-day business as quickly as possible after a loss. To speed up the claims process, Fast Track Claims allows small losses to be submitted via a simple web portal.

    Losses submitted via Fast Track Claims:

    • don’t normally require formal supportive documentation,
    • handled by a dedicated in-house team of experts to process settlement, and are
    • paid directly via BACS within 5 working days, if the criteria are met

    We pride ourselves on prompt and efficient claims management, supported by the use of technology.

    Looking to submit a cargo insurance claim?

    Cargo policyholders can submit claims of GBP 2,500 or less (before application of any deductible).
    For claims over GBP 2,500 or relating to other classes of business, please contact our claims team.

    Simplifying the process for issuing Certificates of Insurance with Certs

    Exporters need certificates of insurance to comply with the requirements of certain Terms of Sale, particularly where Letters of Credit are involved.

    To support policyholders who sell on CIF or CIP terms to issue certificates for the benefit of their customers, we offer a web-based system to facilitate such circumstances.


    Contact your local development underwriter about getting policyholders set up as users.


    Please ask your insurance broker to contact us about registering you as a new user or about setting up a new policy or facility.

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