Terrorism Insurance

The changing nature of attacks and why terrorism insurance is important to businesses

Modern terrorist attacks (such as lone-wolf perpetrators) may not result in catastrophic property losses but they can still result in significant financial consequences without terrorism insurance. Many such financial losses remain uninsured in the market. The provision of cover for non-damage terrorist acts is essential in the current climate, especially those that are reliant on public footfall and custom, such as high street retail, hospitality and entertainment industries.

With over 10 years’ experience in providing standalone terrorism and sabotage insurance across the United Kingdom and further afield, and, in a market that has evolved at a faster pace in recent years than ever before, NMU offer three bespoke products. Our Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance products comprise of solutions for:

Commercial Businesses

Particularly suiting the retail, entertainment and hospitality industries, but equally as important for professional service companies, manufacturing and other trading risks, who could be impacted by terrorist incidents when police cordons and exclusion zones can hinder access to property…Read more

Property Owners

It’s not only commercial businesses that can suffer the effects of a non-damage terrorism loss. Commercial and residential property owners business can also be affected too…Read more

Commercial Motor Fleet Operators

Faced with both an unclear and inconsistent approach from the motor fleet market in terms of whether terrorism protection is included, we’ve developed a unique stand-alone Terrorism product for UK domiciled commercial motor fleet operators…Read more

The advantages of standalone terrorism insurance

Standalone can give you a real competitive advantage by providing a flexible alternative that covers a broader range of motives: political, religious or ideological, and doesn’t rely on a formal declaration of an act of terrorism.

It is also a cost-effective solution for clients who:

  • have multi-location exposures, and so can benefit from a combined material damage and business interruption floating first-loss sum insured, better reflecting their perception of the risk;
  • have overseas exposures, beyond the confines of England, Scotland and Wales;
  • would like to be able to choose which locations to insure and which locations to not insure, according to their perception of the risk.

In many cases, the cover offered by traditional placement routes is narrower than the terrorism exclusion in the underlying material damage and business interruption policy, whereas the cover given by the standalone wording is a better fit and can also include risks not catered for elsewhere such as individuals acting alone and sabotage.

We’re thinking differently about terrorism insurance, are you?

How do I submit an enquiry?

Insurance brokers can contact the NMU Terrorism team below or submit an E-trade enquiry via the Acturis platform for Commercial Business or Property Owners risks.

Contact us

For more information about Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance, contact your NMU Development Underwriter or our terrorism team;

Gary Barlow, Terrorism Underwriting Manager – 07715 799000
Sharon Fletcher, Underwriter – 0161 238 5827
Pippa Edghill-Crump, Underwriter – 0161 238 5841
Hannah Drinkwater, Underwriter – 0161 238 5815

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