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    Simplifying the process for issuing Certificates of Insurance with Certs

    Exporters need certificates of insurance to comply with the requirements of certain Terms of Sale, particularly where Letters of Credit are involved.

    To support policyholders who sell on CIF or CIP terms to issue certificates for the benefit of their customers, we offer a web-based system to facilitate such circumstances.

    Certs solution

    All of our registered Certs clients use the Oceanwide Genoa Platform, one of the most popular systems of its type, with users worldwide. The benefits of the Oceanwide platform include:

    • Time-saving features, like being able to copy previous cargo insurance certificates or create templates, which is useful if there are lots of similar shipments.
    • The ability for consignees and banks to validate the authenticity of certificates that they receive.
    • An easy referral process for shipments that fall outside standard policy parameters.
    • The option for brokers to be able to view clients’ activity and run reports.

    Getting started on Certs

    • Brokers – contact your local development underwriter about getting policyholders set up as users.
    • Exporters – please ask your insurance broker to contact us about registering you as a new user or about setting up a new policy or facility.

    If you are already a registered Certs user, please click here to login – You can also find a handy guide to ‘Creating a Certificate’ below.

    Get in touch with us

    If you have any queries or are experiencing issues using the Certs system, please contact servicedesk@nmu.co.uk.

    If you would like to know more about Certs, please contact your local development underwriter.

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