Computer Insurance

 Protecting the individual Computer Insurance needs of modern and agile businesses

Whilst there are many options to package computer insurance risks within commercial insurance products, the cover provided often isn’t adequate enough, especially considering the needs of a modern business. And, with many organisations moving to hybrid and remote working environments, our standalone Computer Insurance solution caters for the additional risks these changes bring – and in the usual NMU fashion, each policy is tailored to suit a business’s individual needs.

What is Computer Insurance?

Computer Insurance provides cover for hardware, including that owned by employees used for business purposes under Bring your Own Device (BYOD) policies, whilst including a generous Capital Additions Extension to cater for any equipment purchased during the policy period.

And as working from anywhere becomes commonplace, we automatically cover such equipment at off-site locations, in private dwellings, gardens and non-permanent buildings.

The product also allows the freedom to add protection for equipment which may not have traditionally fit within the usual definitions of computer equipment.

Considering the wider exposures of a business’s computer network, Computer Insurance can also extend to include Corruption and Reinstatement of Data, Increased Cost of Working, and Malware, Hacking and Denial of Service Attack.

Product key features

  • Cover outside of the UK for all hardware
  • BYOD extension
  • Capital additions extension
  • Cover in shared offices, gardens and non-permanent buildings
  • Portable items covered 24/7
  • Deductible waiver

Contact us

For more information about Computer Insurance, contact your NMU Development Underwriter.

Be CyberSafe

NMU Computer Insurance can be complemented by dovetailing cover with a separate CyberSafe Insurance policy, providing UK SMEs with a simple, robust solution for cyber liabilities, cybercrime and restorative support…Read more

For more information about CyberSafe Insurance or our e-trade solution, contact your NMU Development underwriter or our cyber team;

Matt Drinkwater, Cyber & Financial Lines Underwriting Manager – 07748 676262
Cliff White, Underwriter – 07971 923108
John Kellett, Underwriter – 07568 432512


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