Electronic Trading Solutions
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Electronic Trading Solutions

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    We offer a range of products that can be transacted electronically – using technology in support of people and increasing business process efficiencies with electronic trading solutions

    The insurance market is seeing a significant shift in trading methods towards electronic trading solutions, as brokers look to streamline processes and to reduce the frictional costs associated with the placement and management of business.

    As part of our commitment to enhancing our product and service offerings, we are continually developing new electronic routes to market, such as our U-Trade and E-Trade solutions on the Acturis and Realytix platforms. Combining E-Trade and U-Trade solutions can serve a wider spectrum of risks and at the same time, keeping true to our philosophy of technology in support of people.

    What is E-Trade

    E-Trade is a fully auto-rated placement route for new and renewal business, offering an end-to-end solution for simple risks.

    E-Trade is currently available for the following products:

    What is U-Trade

    U-Trade sits between the manual and auto-rated routes to market. It offers all the benefits of bespoke underwriting and the convenience of the quote/bind process sitting wholly within Acturis. U-Trade delivers full-cycle e-trading without the potential pitfalls of auto-rating – for new business, MTAs and renewals. Furthermore, it offers total flexibility. No matter how big or small, simple or complex the risk, our U-Trade can cope.

    U-Trade is currently available for the following products:

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